01 March 2007

On the Road, Again

Yes, we are moving again. But to two different places, so it's double the fun, and way more than double the hassle. If all goes well, by the end of 2007 we will be fully established as permanent residents of Texas, with a second (mostly summer) home in Washington state. The call of grandchildren is strong, and we are answering!

Everything in our present house (including that large, full basement with its hundreds of boxes) must be examined. Once the decision to donate, trash or keep is made, an additional decision comes to the fore--do we want this to go north, or south? Then we need to pack everything ourselves.

Ah, for the days when a company was moving us, and once we had cleared out everything we didn't want, in a matter of hours all our worldly goods were boxed up and taken away to be crated prior to being shipped to another country.

Thus, for the next few months, any serious blogging I do will be on A Prayer of Faith. That blog is being revived this month after a long period of light activity caused primarily by the fact that all of the permabloggers hit super-busy times in our lives!

But we are determined to get things going again, and with the addition of some new writers, it will happen!


M&M said...

I love you, RoAnn!

Audrey said...

Thank you for all that you are going through now to move to Texas (and Seattle). We hope that you will be well rewarded!

R. Gary said...

RoAnn, I found your comment (#18) on the Orthodoxy thread and responsed.

R. Gary said...

...er "responded."