09 October 2006

Some Things are Definitely Worth Looking for

Our first stop took us to the home of one of our daughters--an intelligent, beautiful, charming, thirty-eight-year-old woman who has a thriving career in marketing for one of the big housing developers in a Southwestern state.

She would trade that career in a second for the opportunity to be a SAHM of a large family.

Unfortunately, Mr. Right has not yet made an appearance. Her nieces and nephews, as well as young cousins, are the focus of her loving nature, and her new, tastefully decorated home is replete with photos of family, with emphasis on the youngest members.

Mr. Right, wherever you are, your wonderful life-partner is still available. Look for her. Your reward will be well worth the effort.


mullingandmusing said...

Oh, dear friend, how I wish I could help her find Mr. Right!

RoAnn said...

You are so kind, m&m! She is open to suggestions, so let me know if you have someone in mind. :)