24 April 2006

Growing Up unto the Lord (Helaman 3:21)

In a post entitled Gratifying, on A Prayer of Faith, Starfoxy recently wrote, "I love to comfort [my son], and enjoy sitting with him in my arms." Téa, in a concurring comment, wrote, "I need to hold onto those joyful moments in anticipation of when he will no longer seek to be comforted."

I like the analogy that Starfoxy then drew between a mother's relationship to her child, and our Heavenly Father's relationship to us, his spirit children: "When we need comfort from him we’re much more ’still’ we seek him out and listen carefully." And Téa remarked, "I like your application to us and our relationship with God. Do you suppose part of the gratification He feels is pleasure as we are doing as He has asked, to come unto Him, to cast our burdens on Him?"

This thought-provoking post and the ensuing comments prompted me to seek out a passage in my journal where I wrote about the changing joys that come with parenthood as our children grow up. At the time, our six children ranged in age from 13, down to just-turned-two.

18 April 2006

Searching for Truth

I was recently invited to join several other LDS women as a blogger on "A Prayer of Faith," and today I published my first (not counting my introduction) post, entitled "Oh Say, Where is Truth."
When I first starting writing the post, I had difficulty focusing in on just one main point. I knew I wanted to stimulate discussion on how we find truth in the media, and how fiction can often strike us as containing more truth than history books, biographies, works dealing with the social sciences, or even the physical sciences. I also am interested in how parents teach their children to discern truth in the media. Perhaps I can refocus my thoughts and write another post (or two) asking those questions.

10 April 2006

Showing love for our spouse

Starfoxy has an interesting post on The Prayer of Faith blog entitled Change which probes the question of how we should deal with changes we may observe in our spouse. Here are my comments (slightly modified) on Starfoxy's post and follow-up remarks by another person:

One of my father's favorite sayings is "Nothing in life is certain except change." And hopefully we can concentrate on dealing with change (in ourselves and in others) in a positive, rather than a negative way, especially as change may affect marital relationships.