09 July 2008

Standing Tall for What We Believe

I just read a great blog post on Happy Meets Crazy, one of my favorite LDS blogs.

If you want to reconfirm your feeling that we are richly blessed to be women living in this day and age, when the Gospel of Jesus Christ has been restored to earth; if you want to read about how we can be an importance influence for good in a world that is losing its way; if you just want a reason to stand up and cheer for all that's good and true--read this post: Followers of Jesus Christ, Women of God


m&m said...

I am so grateful for women who will stand up and share their faith in this way. The comments on that thread are also encouraging. I was thrilled to see so much support and positiveness for the post. I agree with your comment that you made that the negative that is sometimes heard online does not represent the majority of the women in the Church. Being a woman is a blessing!

Papa D said...

Great link. Thanks.

(and I really love your blog. I will add a link on mine.)