06 July 2006

Strength through Submission

I posted on this theme on Roxcy: A Prayer of Faith this morning.


annegb said...

I speak Russian! Not very well, but I took a year in college and a year in high school. It was really fun, till we got into plurals and possessives and case, which was way beyond me.

Still, it was fun to pop off a "hi, how are you? Where are you from?" in Russian when I was in New York. Russians love when you try to speak their language.

Very good post, Roann. That is my hardest thing. To do God's will.

RoAnn said...

That is so cool that you speak Russian, annegb! Since I don't know how to get Cyrillic characters on this site, the best I can do is write a sort of equivalent in our alphabet, "Ocheen kharasho!"

Re my post, thanks so much for coming here to comment. Doing God's will is a constant struggle for me, too. Remembering that blessings come when I manage to do it, even in small ways, helps me to keep trying.

annegb said...

I'm actually better than I used to be. I was so mad at God for a long time after my son died.

But I'm better now. I think I annoy others with my "God's will be done" attitude :).

Tigersue said...

Hi Roann, I found your blog at last.
I would like to add you to the calling all lds women bloggers list. If you don't want it there let me know please.